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Kew has a long and proud tradition of supporting an engaged, inquisitive and courteous community.

Esteemed Neighbourhood

Eat & Drink

From early morning caffeine hits to intimate candlelit dinners, there's no where else you'd rather be a local.

Centenove Italian Restaurant

One of those mythical restaurants where patrons are welcomed with a warm extravagance of air kisses and “ciao bella’s”.

Here, regulars still signal to “their table” as they confidently stroll to their familiar seat. The waiter will instinctively bring them their “usual” while chatting about the chef’s most recent expedition to Italy and what of the new vino additions might best pair with the dish that has for years continued to keep them coming.

A constant in the Age’s Annual Good Food Awards, Centrenove has been at the helm of Kew’s gastronome-evolution from its beginning and is that in which all others to have followed aspire toward.

109 Cotham Rd, Kew


Long hailed as a local icon, the grill is easily recognisable by the fiercely loyal bevy of regulars that appear to emerge like they're on a conveyor belt, hypnotised by the all too familiar scent of sizzling chunks of grilled meat and the flavour punch they're about to enjoy.

289 High St, kew

Cru café &
Wine Bar

One of the many little unremarkable doors that hold a wondrous world of delights behind its unassuming facade, Cru is a buzzing cafe by day and then at night masquerades as an intimate wine bar.

Friday is when Cru’s eclecticism is most evident, where on an afternoon you will find everything from uniform-clad school kids sipping on milkshakes to a corporate-adorned group on their second round of cocktails.

Breakfasts here are a healthy mix of hearty and healthy, lunch offerings are similarly diverse and then come mid-afternoon, you can begin to see the transformation into neighbourhood bar, focusing on cocktails, craft beers and some 350 wines sitting alongside a bar menu offering smaller items and sharing plates, through to larger dinner dishes influenced by French and Italian cuisine.

916 Glenferrie Rd, Kew


Tassal have managed to make the preparation and service of salmon into an art form - as well as an incredibly lucrative business platform.

Riding the wave of the salmon-craze that seemed to take the city by storm a couple of years ago, the fish-mongering entrepreneurs cast a shrewd line into the fish-hungry marketplace and came up with a net of loyal fans.

339-343 High St, Kew


Hailing from the lineage of what can only be described as hedonistic royalty, Hellenic Republic was an original site for the darling of Australia’s food-revolution, George (Georgie) Calombaris.

Hailed as the local authority on all things Greek, George has made his indelible mark on Melbourne’s foodie-culture thanks to his unification of street-food within highend dining.

A local institution, originally named St Catherine’s, with the rise of the Calombaris’ dining-machine, the premise was renamed to carry the same moniker as its sister establishments.

26 Cotham Rd, Kew

Milk Bar

Nestled in a leafy enclave of Kew, Adeney is the last place you'd expect to find a bustling cafe.

But for locals, this former milk bar has been given a new lease on life, bringing its homely and vibrant hospitality to the suburb - along with an impressive, flavoursome and nourishing menu.

70 Adeney Ave, Kew


From freshly cropped to paddock picked, Epicure has a world of retail delights unraveling from your door.


In an arcade off Hawthorn’s iconic Glenferrie Road, if you wind your way up a long, hidden stairwell, you will find yourself in the lobby of Lido’s independent cinemaplex.

Although there are still the usual cinema-going delights - popcorn, post-mix soda and choc-tops - Lido is by no means any ordinary cinema house. Instead, the luxuriant film house offers a decadent range of gourmet temptations that include, cheeses, wine, beer on tap, dumplings and toasties. Housing eight screening spaces showing everything from the latest Hollywood blockbuster to lo-fi indie flicks, including a very chic rooftop outdoor screen, you will also find here a street-level arcade with a ridiculously well-stocked sweet shop, as well as Melbourne’s favourite hedonistic indulgence, Huxtaburger. Providing everything under one little roof, Lido is tantamount to infinite hours of pure, unadulterated enjoyment.

675 Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn

The Woodsfolk
Homewares Store

Another inconspicuous door hiding a universe of curiosities and enchantments, pushing through the bright teal-hued-door into The Woodsfolk, will see you met with vibrant and cheerful homewares that are abounding in delights for the whole family.

A favourite of design publications such as The Design Files and Kinfolk Magazine, The Woodsfolk has enjoyed a constant resounding of well-deserved buzz for a few years now, from a choir of happy customers all singing the praises of the store's curated selection of gifts, homewares, stationary and art.

39 Church St, Hawthorn


A longtime family owned, independent bookstore, Tim's has been revered over the years as much for their warm service and thoughtful recommendations as their unique collection of specialty books.

With a particular bent towards accommodate the little ones, here the kiddies have their own humble little reading nook where, apart from finding shelves overflowing with both classic and new titles, throughout the day plays host to a vibrant schedule of activities that are designed to inspire a lust for reading from an early age.

129 High Street, Kew

Blackbird & Fox
Homewares Store

Proudly displaying shelves abounding in locally sourced crafts, Blackbird & Fox is your one-stop-shop for procuring beautiful, unique gifts.

Whether to grace a sparse shelf in your home or to make some lucky recipient giddy with glee, this perfectly curated space manages to bring joy simply by meandering through the aisles.

673/681 Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn

Coles Supermarket
Opening soon!

No longer will there be associations of dread tied to last minute supermarket runs.

Kew's newest grocery delight - the soon-to-open Coles - will be conveniently placed to satisfy all of your culinary and product demands. One of the first examples of what Coles have called their 'concept stores', the gourmet grocer aims at delivering a wider range of healthy produce and meal options purposefully selected to compliment busy, urban lifestyles. With a clear focus on proving fresh, local goods, from cured meats to preprepared salads, everything is at hand to help make life less and less complicated.

369 high St, Kew

Oscar & Wild
women's fashion

Oscar and Wild is a treasure trove of must- haves for fashion savvy women, with a distinct East-meets- West kind of vibe.

Stocking over 50 top Australian designers, international brands and collections of sought after accessories from around the globe - including BCBG Max Azria, JBrand, Ginger & Smart and many more - the Kew boutique is renowned for offering its customers a combination of stellar designers, cult brands and unique finds.

167 High St, Kew


While bookstores the nation over have had to close their doors, Readings has managed to flourish in an environment where the good-old fashioned tangible book is becoming something of a relic.

Named as the 2016 International Bookstore of the Year, between inviting ambiance, witty staff notorious for their razor-sharp recommendations and the nostalgic lull of pouring over shelves spilling in narrative genius, it's easy to lose a few hours of your day here, adrift amongst the thrill of another’s charming adventures.

701 Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn


Bingo Betty is a vintage and consignment store stocking a carefully edited selection of local and international brands.

Racks of eclectic statement pieces are sure to please anyone with an eye for detail, while the retro-themed interior makes for a vibrant shopping experience.

256 High St, Kew


While afforded many of the city's lifestyles delights, Kew's fabric of lush landscapes feel worlds apart from a chaotic metropolis.

Kew Recreation

There's nothing quite as motivational as having the opportunity to find fitness, quite literally, at your fingertips.

A welcome neighbour, Kew Recreation Centre helps you to find that happy balance between maintaining a healthy lifestyle and the stresses of modern living. Achieve your fitness goals through individual workouts, group fitness classes and personal training.

383 High St, Kew

Yarra River

The boundless serenity afforded from a few hours exploring the abounding Yarra River Parklands promises a calm that money just can’t buy.

If you have a penchant for exploring from the saddle of a bike, Capital City Trail will have you winding your way through some of the most idyllic scenery in the city. A day well spent.

golf courses

For those residents who don’t mind a round of the civilised man or woman’s game, one of Kew’s most valued attributes will be the plethora of golf courses that can be found almost in your backyard.

Irrespective of whether you fancy yourself an aficionado with an enviable handicap, or are just cutting your putting teeth, the vast course offerings within proximity to Epicure will have you tee-ing off in confidence.


In Autumn, park walks through Alexandra Gardens become theatrical; streets are lit with an amber hue and the ground becomes alive with the soft crunch of leaves underfoot.

Winter hosts a curated display of sculptural trees, stripped bare of their leaves, their branches contorting against clear skies. Spring is teeming with a romantic stream of vibrancy; colour dripping from garden beds and the air ringing with the chatter of animals as they slowly defrost from their winter slumber. As Summer returns, rare pockets of shaded grass promise sanctuary from the heat of the day while evenings are spent with a picnic, gazing at the twinkling sky above.

Cotham Rd, Kew


Although everything you could possibly want or need for can be found a mere stroll away, if the desire to move outside the comforts of your neighbourhood beckons, you are spoilt for travel choice, with an abundance of public transport options making escaping an ease including:

Trams 109 and 48, that carry you between home the CBD, and No. 16, which ferries too and from St.Kilda, while the Glenferrie Train Station offers one of the city’s most active junctions for connection.


Much of Kew’s revered status is owed to the unparalleled selection of highly regarded schools within its district - such as Genezzano, Swinburne, Xavier, MLC and Trinity Grammar - that have for generations produced a cohort of curious, dexterous and ambitious students.

This history of educational prestige has continued to safeguard the future of the suburb and speaks to why year after year Kew continues to be such a highly sought after community.